Lean Software Development

About 2 years ago I started working in a new project and encouraged by the agile movement that was/is around at that time the team decided to learn and apply the disciplines and practices related with the Lean Software Development.

My colleague Ben-Hur, one of the best PMs that I ever worked with, shared with team the 7 core principles about Lean Software Development:

1. Eliminate waste
2. Amplify learning
3. Decide as late as possible
4. Deliver as fast as possible
5. Empower the team
6. Build integrity in
7. See the whole

If you would like a more deeply explanation about each concept I recommend Wikipedia.

By compiling all the theory and the concepts behind the Lean Software Development in this 7 principles it was easy to share with new team players the core concepts that the team was following.

This project were one of the most enjoyable that I ever worked mainly because the fabulous team and of course the mindset that Lean Software Development gave to us.


About Rafael Tolotti

Brazilian software architect, post graduated in Strategic Management of Information Technology. Microsoft Commerce Server specialist interested in software architectures and design patterns. He's also interested in team management, risk management, project management and agile software development. As a sports lover is passionate about soccer and tennis as well.
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4 Responses to Lean Software Development

  1. ken says:

    Rafael, thanks for the post. It reminded me to consider #3 – Decide as late as possible. Though I do not practice lean, specifically, it is a tenet worth recalling and not just making a matter of habit. It is beautiful in its simplicity, as it appears to suggest something that it does not, and it is powerful to reflect on.

    Kind regards,

    • Excellent post and memories. We worked together on that project and it was an outstanding experience for me too. If I had to pick the top 3 concepts of all they would be: “Eliminate waste”, “Decide as late as possible” and “Deliver as fast as possible”. They helped us to avoid re-work, increase user requirements acceptance and get a “weekly-user-feedback” from the software releases. Good times.

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